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Ardley with Fewcott Parish Council


The parish council is your most local branch of local government. In addition to reviewing and commenting on planning applications, we work with the various government bodies, such as highways, local police authority etc, to give our village a voice in what happens to our area. We also have good connections into both Cherwell District and Oxfordshire County Council, allowing us to exert some influence in these important tiers of government.

The council is made up of 7 elected members; we are all volunteers, who give our time freely. The Parish Clerk, who keeps order is Anne Davis.

Meetings take place 6 times per year in the village community centre. They are held on a Monday evening from 7.30pm. They take place on the second Monday in January, March, May, July, September, and November. Everyone is welcome, and there is an open session at the start of every meeting, for you to voice any issues you may have.

We take our role to protect and improve village life very seriously, but it is a task that is made easier, and enhanced, with the help and involvement of you, the general public. So, we would encourage you to attend our meetings, email us, pick up the phone, or even waylay those members of the council who are occasionally to be found in one or other of the village’s two excellent pubs!

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Ardley With Fewcott Parish Council