Downing Street Petition Approved

A petition requesting the Prime Minister to introduce a 2km exclusion zone between domestic dwellings and large wind turbines has been approved and is now available to sign on the Downing Street web site.

It has been set up as part of the campaign to prevent 4 x 410ft wind turbines being erected in open countryside, 500m from dozens of domestic dwellings, two conservation areas, a primary school and at least one grade 2 listed building. 

At less than 500m from the edge of the village, the noise, flicker and vibration will be intolerable.  This is a situation made possible by the scandalous lack of any regulations regarding proximity, a position almost unique in Europe where even Romania has guidelines to protect its citizens.

As we know to our cost, all it takes is a willing landowner.  Virtually nowhere is safe.  It is for that reason that we have gained approval for the petition and we are calling on as many people as possible to sign it

It can be found by clicking here

Please ask all members of your household to sign and pass this email on to your friends and contacts.  Anyone who lives in the British countryside is at risk and we should urge them to sign so they may be protected from the sort of nightmare that faces our community

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